Information About Vampire Costumes For Kids

During Halloween, one of the best outfits that your children can really wear at this time is the Kids Vampire costume. Besides witches and ogres, these folkloric creatures of the night are one of the scariest yet the most tempting. It is said that vampires continue to exist by feeding on the life of other beings. As we all know, through sucking the blood of people and other animals.

Numerous films have been made which sets these creatures in the limelight. Twilight is the most recent but one of the most memorable in the big screen is the ‘Interview with the Vampire’. Even before these were shown on the silver screen, great novels have been written already like the unforgettable Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

All these have depicted vampires as elegant creatures which lure their victims with their grand looks and style. These are still very apparent now, even in Kids Vampire costumes. Here are some of those which you should take note of.

Kids Vampire Costume for Boys
The outfit for boys is pretty simple. A white, long sleeved shirt is definitely an essential here. You can choose an unadorned one or one with lace and ruffles on the collar and wrist cuffs. A red or burgundy vest is worn over the shirt. It would be preferable if you choose the one made of faux velvet so that it gives that posh look. A pair of regular, dark trousers (preferably black) will match the top as well.

Most sets already include a cape which will complete the look already. This comes in various styles and fabrics, depending on the set that you will get. Although there are photos of these costumes online, it would be best if you read the descriptions very well too. Make sure that you are getting what you are supposed to get.

Kids Vampire Costume for Girls
Most costumes for your little ones resemble the ones designed for adults. As mentioned, vampires always make it a point to look beautiful because that is one way to entice their victims into their lair. Expect to see more grown-up styles for your little ones.

One of the most remarkable costumes available, for instance, features a red, empire style dress made of satin. A black, faux velvet coat is sewn into the dress. It has huge, puffed sleeves on the shoulder part which tapers on the arm area. A high, standing, scalloped collar is also included in the set. Of course, there are a dozen other styles which you can get besides this specific costume.

Accessories for Kids Vampire Costume
Although some of the costume ensembles made available by certain shops have the essential garments that you can wear, there are more sets which lack some accessories which will make your whole look complete and realistic. Fangs, make-up and blood on your shirt or dripping from your mouth will work for this.

All these Kids Vampire costumes are available in various shops on the internet. You may find some in your local shopping malls, but there are more options online. It would be more advantageous for you to do this as well. Just be careful in choosing the sizes of your clothes so that you would not have to complain about it every now and then.

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Scare Your Friends and Yourself With Vampire Halloween Contacts

If you have already chosen your scary vampire costume for Halloween, hopefully along with the cape, boots, wig and makeup, you haven’t forgotten the most important accessory, vampire Halloween contacts. These are so realistic looking they actually complete the entire costume. One of the favorite color of lenses for those who love to dress up in that dark, handsome, undead being from the land of Transylvania, are the red hot lenses. These look so realistic, they would scare not only a family member, but the wearer as well once he sneaks a glimpse of his own reflection in the mirror.

Other favorites of the vampire contact lenses are Le Stat which are an ice blue color, white out, which is a scary unnerving white color, vampire red which are a deep blood red color, and several more, all under $40. This is a great bargain for high quality lenses and with FDA approved paint. Vampires don’t just come out to suck some unwilling victim’s blood at Halloween, they may also appear in plays and Broadway productions. In fact, actors have been using colored lenses for years. but now any of us can change the appearance of our eyes by simply wearing the lenses of our choice for any occasion we wish.

Dressing up is a lot of fun, and it is not just for children and teens, but for adults as well. Everyone loves a party, and while the children attend theirs with the punch, spooky items of food, scary music, and haunted houses, adults can attend their own parties with best costume awards, scary foods, adult drinks, dancing, and a good time to be had for all. Remember though, costumes are selling out earlier each year, so be sure to grab yours as soon as possible. Most high quality vampire outfits can be found locally or ordered online for your convenience. The great thing is, these days it will be even more difficult to be identified behind the costume, so the guessing is going to be exciting and challenging. Once the rich black cape, with deep red, satin lining is attached, the makeup is perfectly applied, the slicked back dark hair is ready, and the vampire contact lenses are in place, don’t forget the vampire teeth.

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